Zman 3 Inch TRD HogZ Soft Plastic Lures - 5 Pack of Z Man Soft Plastic Lures

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colour: California Craw
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ZMan Lures ZMan 3" TRD HogZ


Zman's 10X Tough TRD HogZ creature bait has bream, trout, bass and more written all over it, from it's ribbed body and micro feelers, designed to create water movement and hold air bubbles for a realistic presentation, to its two larger feelers that are designed to attract fish and trigger strikes around the hook point.

The solid core allows the plastic to be trimmed shorter for the ultimate finesse presentation and the buoyancy of the ElaZtech brings the TRD HogZ and its feelers to life in the water.

Bug, shrimp, crayfish, prawn, baitfish, crab... we're not sure exactly what it is but it has already appealed to a wide range of species by exhibiting many of those triggers that entice a strike.

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