Zerek Marsh Slider 10 Compartment Double Sided Fishing Lure Tray - Tackle Tray

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Zerek Marsh Slider 10 Compartment Double Sided Fishing Lure Tray

The Zerek Marsh Slider tackle trays are double sided trays that allow you to keep your lures ready to go in individual compartments.

The trays themselves are shaped with a groove in the middle that has drain holes at either end.

This design has several uses. Firstly you can lay your lures so that one arm of the treble hook sits in the groove holding the lures perfectly in place. The groove and drain holes also allow excess water to drain and air to circulate, maintaining the quality of your hooks.

Ideal for minnow lures, the Zerek Marsh Slider boxes are also exceptional at holding squid jigs with the lead weight supported in the groove. Rigged soft plastics and the range of Zerek Live Shrimps can also be stored in these trays, maintaining the soft plastic lure's shape and reducing the incidence of the plastic bending out of shape.

Worm proof, durable and with secure locking clasps, the two Zerek Marsh Slider Lure Boxes will keep you organised and ready to go whether you're fishing minnows, soft plastics or squid jigs.

Measures 20cm x 16cm x 5cm (approximately)

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