Zman 3 Inch Scented PogyZ Soft Plastic Lures -5 Pack of Z Man Soft Plastic Lures

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ZMan 3" Scented PogyZ


ZMan 3” Scented PogyZ feature a deep body profile that realistically imitates shad, herring, bony bream and other deep set baitfish.

The segmented section near the rear of the PogyZ and teardrop shaped paddle tail create a tight life-like wiggle when retrieved and the 100% natural scent is designed to attract fish and trigger strikes.

Like all ZMan ElaZtech plastics, the PogyZ is 10X Tough, so you catch more fish per lure and super-soft and flexible, for maximum action and a realistic feel that keeps fish biting.

The inclusion of a belly slot makes for effective weedless rigging and is also ideal for adding a squirt of Pro-Cure Super Gel scent.

Requests for a pogy style plastic in the ZMan range have come from anglers fishing the northern estuaries, those chasing bass in impoundments with bony bream populations and anglers chasing flathead in the southern lakes, rivers and estuaries, so the 3” Scented PogyZ is sure to prove itself as a versatile presentation.

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