Wiring Harness for Genesis and Venom E-mark Led Lights

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Utilise the full potential of your E - Mark Venom / Genesis LED driving lights with the installation of this dedicated plug & play wiring harness.

The harness comes complete with H4 and HB3 headlight adaptors for simple integration into your vehicle's headlight circuit with additional connections included for different configurations. Positive or negative switching is controlled electronically, output to the switch is always positive so no changing of the wiring or guesswork is required. Simply connect - true plug-and-play.

A very small (under 7mm in diameter) single-moulded 8-pin connector makes installation quick and easy as only one connector is required to pass through the vehicle's firewall. Connecting directly to the supplied mouse-style switch.

Kit inclusions

  • Driving Light Harness and one switch (E-Mark)
  • 1x HB3 Headlight Adaptor
  • 1x H4 Headlight Adaptor
  • Extra terminals, cable ties and mounting hardware
  • User instructions


  • 12V Operation
  • 40 Amp Relay
  • Positive or negative switching (controlled electronically).

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