Water Woofer Dog Life Jacket - Lilac and Black Dog Floatation Device - DFD

size: Extra Small
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  • Quality foam for excellent bouyancy
  • Grab Strap
  • Two D-rings for tethering
  • Reflective tape for low-light visibility
  • Easy to put on, adjust and remove
  • Developed by Watersnake Distribution - Australia's leading personal floatation device experts

Water Woofer Dog Measurement Guide

Measure Pet Length

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Keep in mind the jacket will not completely cover long-bodied dogs (corgi, dachshund, etc) which is acceptable as the main girth of the dog will be supported

Measure Pet Body Girth

Measure the widest part of the ribcage keeping in mind the pet life jacket should be form ­fitting like a human life jacket to provide proper flotation.

Measure Pet Neck Girth

Measure the widest part of their neck keeping in mind the pet life jacket should be form ­fitting but not restrict breathing.


Size  Body Weight Body Length Chest Size
Extra Small 1-4kg 20-25cm 35-50cm
Small 3-6kg 25-30cm 45-65cm
Medium 5-12kg 30-35cm 50-75cm
Large 10-20kg 35-45cm 60-90cm
Extra Large 20-30kg 45-55cm 75-115cm

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