Surecatch SureSpread Top Pocket Mono Cast Net with 1 Inch Mesh Size

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Surecatch SureSpread Top Pocket Mono Cast Net

Prawning is a popular pastime for many anglers in many areas and there is no better way to get a feed or grab some baits than with a Top Pocket net.

The mono top pocket cast nets distributed by Wilson Fishing feature heavy duty 0.3mm monofilament construction to give the nets durability and strength when it's needed.

The top pocket is easily accessed through the top of the net and the top pocket design sees the prawns flick up through the tunnel and into the top pocket, securing them safely.

Weighted with an even distribution of lead weights and easy to cast, the Top Pocket cast net is the tool you need if you are chasing prawns.

Australian fishing regulations are detailed, vary between states and are updated regularly.

To avoid breaking the law, please check and follow your state or territory's fishing regulations.

Please be aware that while we make every effort to offer appropriate product, the availablity of this product does not guarantee the legality of it's use in your state of territory.

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