Jarvis Walker 6 Hook Bait Rig with 12lb Main Line & 15lb Branch Line

size: 4
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Jarvis Walker 6 Hook Bait Rigs

Catch live bait the easy way with Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs.

They're ready to catch bait right out of the packet.

These 6-Hook rigs can only be used in states that permit those number of hooks.

Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs are strong, easy to manage and are constructed to a high standard.

Each rig comprises quality hooks, reflective holographic lure foils, red thread and green beads.

Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs are easy to attach to your main line and they’ll promptly stock your buckets full of fresh baitfish.

Keep a few packets ready for action in your tackle box or boat.


Australian fishing regulations are detailed, vary between states and are updated regularly.

To avoid breaking the law, please check and follow your state or territory's fishing regulations.

Please be aware that while we make every effort to offer appropriate product, the availablity of this product does not guarantee the legality of it's use in your state of territory.

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