Rovex Endurance 2000 Spinning Fishing Reel - 4 Ball Bearing Spin Reel

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Rovex Endurance Reels

Everything about the Rovex Endurance Fishing Reels oozes quality. Impressive features combined with a remarkable build, making the Rovex Endurance one of the best value fishing reels in the class.

The stainless steel shaft gives the reel its amazing strength while the three ball bearing system and the anti-reverse bearing deliver smooth retrieves. The graphite body and rotor makes the Rovex Endurance extremely light, allowing for the excellent manoeuvrability and control.

Rovex Endurance Reels have machined aluminium spools for performance casting. Along with the thick tubular bail wire and line roller that minimizes twist, you have a powerful reel that is even easier to handle.

Rovex Endurance Fishing Reels are ideal for general inshore and coastal pelagic fishing, beach fishing, rock fishing, jigging, trolling, and bottom fishing.


Size Model Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio
2000 Endurance Spinning Reel 3+1 10lb/225yd 5.2:1
4000 Endurance Spinning Reel 3+1 15lb/240yd 5.2:1
6000 Endurance Spinning Reel 3+1 20lb/285yd 4.1:1
8000 Endurance Spinning Reel 3+1 25lb/320yd 4.1:1

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