RIP Light Zinc Multi-Depth Screw Rigging Kit - Suits 6" to 8" RIP Soft Plastics

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RIP Light Zinc Multi-Depth Screw Rigging Kit

Change your weight, not your bait!

The R.I.P. Multi-Depth Screw System allows the angler to customize the sinking rate and action of their chosen soft bait depending on the fishing environment.

Insert the screw to your chosen lure, attach and secure the 80lb crimped wire twin-hook rig, slide on your chosen weight and finally lock it in place with a snap.

You can then change the weights throughout the day to suit the depth and conditions you are fishing without having to re-rig your lure or change lures entirely.

Each included weight is offset which allows you to control the rolling action of your soft lure.

By placing more weight at the back you will encourage the lure to roll over further as it tries to correct itself, resulting in a wide rolling action perfect for slow retrieves.

Alternatively, by putting more weight at the bottom of your rig, you pull the center of gravity lower which creates a tighter, more stable action ideal for faster fishing methods.

Each R.I.P. Multi-Depth Screw System comes complete with 3x weights of varying mass, 2x screws allowing you to have multiple baits ready; and a crimped 80lb wire rig with 2x VMC treble hooks.

  • The ultimate big-bait rigging system
  • Kit contains 2x screws, 3x varying weights, 1x crimped coated wire rig fitted with 2 x  VMC black nickel treble hooks
  • Zinc weights
Size Rig Length Weights Wire Hook Size Weight Construction
Light 14 cm 3g, 6g, 9g 80lb 2 x 2/0 Zinc

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