Mustad Ultra Point 20gm Big Game Jig Head

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Quantity/size: 4 x Size 6/0 Jig Heads
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Mustad Ultra Point Big Game Jig Head

The Mustad Big Game Jighead is a traditional ball sinker style jig head aimed squarely at larger predators.

These specially developed Ultra Point jig hooks make light work of tough situations and the strong hook is finished in black nickel for longer life.

The head is perfectly located on the hook angle to ensure the best casting and the easiest of rigging, and the cone-shaped ring system assist in true rigging every time without risking the plastic falling off.

Available in four sizes and in one weight (6/0, 8/0, 10/0, 12/0 ), the Mustad Big Game Jighead rigs perfectly on all swimbait style plastics giving you the confidence to fish hard.

Please note image for illustration purposes, quantities per pack vary as displayed in table.

Hook Size Description Weight Per Pack
12/0 Mustad Big Game Jig Head 12/0 20g 3 pce
10/0 Mustad Big Game Jig Head 10/0 20g 3 pce
8/0 Mustad Big Game Jig Head 8/0 20g 3 pce
6/0 Mustad Big Game Jig Head 6/0 20g 4 pce

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