Mustad Hoodlum Size 1/0- 10827npbln -Bulk 10 Pce Value Pack-Chemically Sharpened

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HOODLUM Black NickelUltrapoint
Chemically Sharpened Fishing Hooks

The Mustad Hoodlum is a high carbon, chemically sharpened premium hook. It is a 4X Extra strong live bait hook. It comes in sizes 1/0 to 10/0. It is specially designed for heavy tackle fishing using medium to large live baits. It is also an excellent hook for cubing.
The Mustad Hoodlum provides exceptional strength while still giving excellent penetration and fish holding power. Recommended for game and sport fish such as kingfish, yellowfin tuna, cobia, samson fish, marlin, sailfish and mulloway.

  • Brand New - pre-packed in original packets
  • Carbon Steel, specially tempered
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Super sharp hook (Ultrapoint)
  • Superior strength that retains sharpness
  • Perfect for medium to large live baits
  • Recommended for game and sport fishing.
  • Ideal for for kingfish, tuna, cobia, marlin, mulloway etc.

Suitable for the professional or recreational fisherman!

  • Hook size 1/0
  • 10 packets of hooks
  • 12 hooks per packet
  • Black Nickel
  • Chemically Sharpened

Total of 120 hooks


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