Mustad Fine Worm Size 1/0-32813npblm-Bulk 10 Pce Value Pack-Chemically Sharpened

size: Size: 1/0 Qty: 100 Hooks
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FINE WORM Ultrapoint
Black Chemically Sharpened Needlepoint Hooks

The Mustad Fine Worm Hook is a baitholder style hook for light tackle fishing in both freshwater and salt. This special hook is based on the round bend (Aberdeen) hook pattern with the addition of two baitholder slices near the top of the shank to hold the bait in place.
The fine gauge hook is well suited to all worm baits and delicate baits such as prawns. As a straight (non-offset) hook, it can be used for trolling baits behind attractors and is also ideal for small soft plastics.
A special non-reflective black matt finish adds to the Fine Worm's credentials for light, stealthy fishing for shy fish.

  • Brand New - pre-packed in original packets
  • Ideal for Whiting, Bream, Yellowbelly, Trout, Bass, Mullet, Garfish etc
  • Super Sharp Hook (Ultrapoint)
  • Superior strength that retains sharpness

Suitable for the professional or recreational fisherman!

  • 10 Packets of Hooks
  • Hook size 1/0
  • Needlepoint
  • Chemically Sharpened
  • Total of 100 hooks

Product Ref Code: 32813NPBLM


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