Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Pack - 10 Assorted Lures in Waterproof Tackle Box

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Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Pack

This 10 piece Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Pack contains lures that are suitable for a variety of including Trout, Redfin, Estuary Perch, Cod, Bream, Bass, Flathead, Trevally and many other popular fish.

They are housed in a quality waterproof lure box.


  • 2 x 60mm freshwater minnow lures (assorted colours) - When fishing in streams, rivers or lakes these lures are ideal when targeting trout or redfin.
  • 2 x 55mm estuary/bream lures (assorted colours) - These lures produce a sharp swimming action and are designed with a fast tapered tail and a belly bulge that bream or estuary perch will find desirable.
  • 2 x bass lures (assorted colours) - These lures work like a magnet for Bass! The proven lure design shape becomes deadly when cast to and worked aroung snags wehn fishing in rivers or impoundments.
  • 2 x Vibe Shades (assorted colours) - These versatil lures can be used in a wid variety of fishing environments. Target species include Bream, Bass and Flathead.
  • 2 x 110mm saltwater minnow lures (assorted colours) - These shallow running lures are great for working saltwater flats where flathead lay in ambush.

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