Jarvis Walker 65mm Popper Lure Pack - 2 Pack of Hard Body Fishing Lures

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Jarvis Walker 65mm Popper Lure Pack

Great anglers of the past, present and even future know that it is wise to carry a variety of lures, and not much goes past the quality, performance and better price with Jarvis Walker Popper Lure Packs.

However, keeping costs to a minimum is also crucial to enjoy fishing.

Jarvis Walker Popper Lure Packs are simply another great weapon for the tackle box that won’t blow the budget.

Jarvis Walker Popper Lures offer a balanced swimming action which emulate the motions of a baitfish and attract a wide variety of species of fish through their fish-attracting designs.

Jarvis Walker honed the popper designs to appeal to the instincts of predatory fish - fish are compelled to bite the lure faster and more aggressive than ever.

Jarvis Walker Popper Lures have the versatility and performance all anglers can trust. They can be used for different fishing lines even with moving or static boats.

They are also fitted with quality rings and hooks for even greater performance and more options in your tackle box.

Jarvis Walker Popper Lures are a great choice for casting or trolling.

  • Balanced swimming action
  • Fish-attracting design
  • Attracts fish in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Suitable for casting or trolling
  • Fitted with quality rings and hooks

Please Note: Colours May Vary Between Packs

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