Jarvis Walker 60mm Bream Lure Pack - 2 Pack of Hard Body Fishing Lures

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Jarvis Walker 60mm Bream Lure Pack

Never underestimate the power of the renowned Jarvis Walker Bream Lures.

Jarvis Walker Bream Lures are very light making it easier for anglers know when they get a nibble.

Jarvis Walker Bream Lures can suspend and manoeuvre in the water swiftly compared to heavier lures.

You just can’t go wrong with the highly captivating fish-attracting colours of our Jarvis Walker Bream Lures. They feature natural colours that are suitable for a variety of fishing environments and conditions.

Jarvis Walker Bream Lure Packs contain versatile lures and can be fished effectively with a range of techniques in a variety of fishing habitats, including flats, pontoons, boat hulls, and snags.

They are also effective at attracting other species such as Trout, Estuary Perch and Redfin. Jarvis Walker Bream Lures are designed to mimic various smaller baits. To achieve best results, anglers only need to cast the lure and let it sit for several seconds, then twitch it and then retrieve slowly.

  • Fish-attracting colours
  • This is a great bream lure but also will attract other species such as trout, estuary perch and redfin
  • Best results cast the lure and allow it to sit for a several seconds before twitching it and then retrieving slowly

Please Note: Colours May Vary Between Packs

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