Flambeau WP6050ZM Zerust Max Waterproof Crank Bank Fishing Tackle Box

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Flambeau WP6050ZM Zerust Max Crank Bank Lure Box

Keep your valuable hooks sharp and paint fresh one plug at a time.

The Crank Bank's inventive system of 24 removable cups gives anglers fast access to individually stored and independently protected hard baits.

Just pull, pour, and tie.

  • 24 removable cups for solitary, tangle-free hard bait protection and organization, Cup Dimension: 5.08cm L x 2.54cm W x 11.43cm D
  • Designed to fit standard billed lures sized in these diving depth classes: round-bill crankbaits (15ft or less), square-bills (8ft or less), jerkbaits (6 feet or less)
  • Optimal storage for other popular hard bait styles: lipless crankbaits, jointed-baits, spooks, poppers, and frogs
  • Waterproof silicone gasket and 3 compression cam latches
  • Drainage holes in bottom of cups permit moisture run-off for lures put away wet
  • Market standard 5000 series dimensional footprint for easy fit inside soft tackle bags and boat compartments
  • Fully-infused with an enhanced level of Zerust VCI vapor technology that provides effortless rust prevention for metal tackle in extreme marine enviornments for a minimum of 5 years
  • Dimensions: 35.56cm L x  13.46cm W x 16.25cm H

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