Bulk 3200m Spool of 80lb Sufix 131 G-Core X13 Fishing Braid - Neon Chartreuse

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3200m Spool of Sufix 131 G-Core X13 Braided Fishing Line

Sufix 131 G-Core is the most reliable superline during casting, strikes and fighting action! It is built with 13 fibers (12 HMPE fibers + 1 GORE® Performance Fiber in core).
A single strand of GORE® Performance Fiber is surrounded by 12 precision braided HMPE fibers.
The construction has no weak points which leads to strength consistency.
The GORE® Performance Fiber is the most abrasion resistant textile fiber.
It is solid and round like a monofilament but has the same low stretch as the PE fibers.
No more problems with gliding or knots opening!
In addition, the 13-carrier construction increases the number of fibers at the knot resulting in better knot tying and stronger holding power.
The structure of the Sufix 131 G-Core is much rounder than any other competitor’s 12 or 16 carrier braid.
The rounder line reduces the resistance in water (while retrieving) and the abrasion caused by rod guides and obstacles in the water.
The core fiber (GORE® Performance Fiber) prevents the line from internal fraying making the line more durable.
A rounder line casts farer, more silent and more accurate.
The cancelled center hole does not allow water to enter – no water means lighter line and longer casting distances.
The Sufix 131 G-Core is braided line that is great for casting and jigging, when you need a relatively thin line.
  • Built with 13 fibers (12 HMPE fibers + 1 GORE® Performance Fiber in core)
  • The most reliable superline
  • Improved knot resistance
  • Unmatched strength consistency and roundness
Breaking Strain Diameter Length Material Colour
80lb 0.470mm 3200m/3500yds 13 Strand/Neon Chartreuse Neon Chartreuse

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