70mm Zerek Zappelin 9g Sinking Stickbait Fishing Lure

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colour: Mud Gudgeon
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70mm Zerek Zappelin Lure

The Zappelin range from Zerek has become synonymous with catching oversized predators and the 70mm Sinking Zappelin will only add to that reputation.

A downsized version of the 115S Zappelin, the 70S is designed to excel in the toughest conditions.

Built with tough ABS material the Zappelin 70S is balanced to ensure a sinking flutter in a diagonal position to reduce the risk of hooks tangling on your line during the fall. When worked with a straight retreive the lure has a tight wobbling action while swimming, but clued in anglers can make this lure dance underwater with tip rips and shakes making the lure twitch, dart and shake like a dying baitfish.

Be prepared for strikes on the pause and we refuse to offer a warranty on your pacemaker as underwater thugs hit the lure with the afterburners on!

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