6 Pack of 5 Inch McArthy Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

Colour: Goldfish
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McArthy Paddle Tail Soft Plastics

The McArthy Paddle Tail range shows incredible attention to detail in both form and function, something you would expect from a hand poured soft plastic from this South African soft plastic icon.

Details in the Paddle Tail such as a ridged gill and raised eye complement the ribbed belly section and slender tail to produce an extremely life-like soft plastic.

The design has allowed the body to be tough, which allows for easy and stable rigging, while the slender tail wrist means the paddle tail works extremely well, even at slow speeds.

Rigged on a jighead, the McArthy Paddle Tail is incredibly stable in the water whether a straight retrieve or a hop and drop retrieve is used.

This stability allows anglers to fish pontoons for mangrove jacks and bream, fish flats for flathead, whiting and bream and to throw these lures at bridges for mulloway, barra and threadfin with equal confidence.

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