55mm Green Crankbait Hardbody Fishing Lure

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Bait Type: Crankbait Lure
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55mm Crank Lure

This crankbait lure is engineered to be used in either freshwater or saltwater.

The dual purpose of these lures is very effective to cut water in different densities.

The technique where the lures can be of most help is when the lure is allowed to sit for a little while before twitching it and commencing a slow and steady retrieve.

They can even draw strikes from the most evasive Bream, Flathead and Salmon.

These lures are specifically designed to sway and swoop and mimic the behaviour of natural, live baits with lifelike actions in the water.

  • For use in freshwater or saltwater
  • Design to attract Bass, Yellowbelly and Trout in freshwater
  • Design to attract Bream, Flathead and Salmon in saltwater
  • Fish-attracting colours
  • Best results: cast the lure and allow it to sit for a several seconds before twitching it and then retrieving slowly

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