5 Pack of Size 2/0H TT Lures Hidden Weight System Jigheads

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TT Lures Hidden Weight System (HWS)

Hidden Weight System (HWS) jigheads present a lure with a neutral, more enticing and natural decent.

In tough conditions this can mean the difference between a strike and a look. HWS excel when a finesse presentation is vital, such as clear and still conditions.

The weight is strategically placed along the shank to favour the middle of the bait, in turn letting the lure flutter down randomly, rather than falling head first.

The weight also features the multi grip grub keeper, that is ideal for locking on all brands, including ZMan.

Built on razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks, HWS jigheads are ideal for your favourite hard hitting light tackle species and are dynamite on bream around pontoons and marinas.

These jigheads are built on the heavy wire Gamakatsu hooks and are ideal for general purpose applications when the extra strength is needed.

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