5 Pack of 7cm Storm Wild Eye Twitching Nipper Rigged Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

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Colour: Pearl/Orange Back
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Storm Wild Eye Twitching Nipper Lures

The Storm Twitchin Nipper Soft Plastic With VMC Hook is one of the most realistic shrimp, nipper or yabbie imitations on the market. This scented sinking bait can be fished throughout the water column in whatever depth you wish.

A durable soft plastic construction and premium VMC hook mean Storm Twitchin Nipper bait will keep catching ’em as long as you’re ready!

Storm Twitchin Nipper can be hopped off the bottom or simply crawl it along the sand or rocks to catch any number of fresh or saltwater species.

  • Ribbed belly for extra vibration
  • Soft body and tail for life-like swimming action
  • Near neutral bouyancy and balance for easy presentation
  • Shrimp scent
  • Naturalistic colours and egg sack
  • Length: 7cm/2.75 Inches
  • Quantity: 5 rigged lures

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