40mm Zerek Ice Gigolo Jig Fishing Lure - 10gm Ice Jig Lure

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40mm Zerek Ice Gigolo Jig Lure

The Ice Gigolo is a classic ice jig that is 40mm long and available in 6 colours

Weighing an easy-to-use 10g, the Ice Gigolo will be ideal for targeting suspended Australian bass, redfin and trout in our many lakes and reservoirs.

Work with a subtle hop or with light taps on the rod butt to shake the Gigolo in the fish's face to ensure solid strikes. With a specifically placed tow point that allows the Ice Gigolo to dart from side to side easily, this lure is a fantastic lure for shut down and hard to tempt fish.

Equipped with two strong single hooks on the ends and a belly treble underneath, hook up rates compare very well with all other ice jigs on the market. Clever anglers adjust this lure's capabilities by removing the belly treble and placing a sinker on the hanger to give the lure greater depth capabilities without the loss of action.

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