300m Spool of Sufix Super 21 Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

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Breaking Strain: 6lb
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Sufix Super 21 Clear Mono Line

Sufix Super 21 is a super low-stretch monofilament line that is supple and easy to handle.

The high-viscosity nylon combined with the Advanced Tempering production process results in a super low stretch – approximately 40% less than other monofilament lines.

Long molecular chains combined with the toughness and resilience achieved in the Advanced Tempering Process gives Super 21 excellent tensile, shock and knot strength.

This highly sensitive line allows for exceptional lure control and helps to detect even the wariest bites, this means quick hook sets for a better hook-up rate.

  • Super low-stretch monofilament line due to Advanced Tempering
  • 40% less stretch than on monofilament lines in general
  • Excellent tensile, shock and knot strength
  • Easy to control and handle
  • Maximal hook-up rate
Lb Dia (mm) Length Colour
4lb 0.16 300M Clear
6lb 0.18 300M Clear
8lb 0.2 300M Clear
10lb 0.25 300M Clear
12lb 0.30 300M Clear
15lb 0.35 300M Clear
20lb 0.40 300M Clear
30lb 0.45 300M Clear

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