300m Spool of Lo Vis Green Sufix Duraflex G2 Monofilament Fishing Line

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Breaking Strain: 6.7lb
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Lo Vis Green Sufix Duraflex Mono Line

Sufix Duraflex is an ultra-premium monofilament line with near-zero memory.
With its exclusive Nx Nano Resin formula, extra sensitivity in the line is acheived without giving up superior strength, handling and durability.
This line has extremely easy-handling and is long casting.
G2 Precision Winding has been used with Sufix Duraflex which eliminates the line memory and prevents line-weakening cutting and nicking that can occur during the spooling process.
  • Ultra-premium monofilament line
  • Nearly zero memory thanks to G2 Precision Winding
  • Nx Nano Resin™ formula
  • Easy to handle, long casting
Breaking Strain Dia (mm) Length Colour
5.3lb 0.14 300M Lo Vis Green
6.7lb 0.16 300M Lo Vis Green
8lb 0.18 300M Lo Vis Green
9.9lb 0.20 300M Lo Vis Green
12.3lb 0.22 300M Lo Vis Green
15.4lb 0.25 300M Lo Vis Green
23.8lb 0.33 300M Lo Vis Green
28.6lb 0.35 300M Lo Vis Green

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