3 Pack of Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Football Weights

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3 Pack of Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Football Weights

Mustad Fastach Football Weights are a unique football shaped fishing sinker that attaches to the hook of your choice to create an articulating jig.
The Fastach Football Weight allows the attached bait to swing side to side with a ton of action due to the hinged connection of the hook to the weight.
The freedom of choice is what the Mustad Hooks Fastach Football Weights are all about.
Choose to rig your football head on any hook you choose - whether it's a Mustad or not!
The weight utilizes the Fastach connection technology, from which this product derives its name.
Fastach is a simple and effective design that makes it easy to attach or remove hooks, lures, weights and more.


MFTFW1 FASTACH Football Wgt Sz1 - 28g 3pce
MFTFW12 FASTACH Football Wgt Sz12 - 14g 3pce
MFTFW14 FASTACH Football Wgt Sz14 - 7g 3pce
MFTFW34 FASTACH Football Wgt Sz34 - 21g 3pce
MFTFW38 FASTACH Football Wgt Sz38 - 10g 3pce

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