250ml Bottle of Seaman Marine Hydro-Coat SiO₂ Ceramic Coat Sealant Solution

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Seaman Marine's Hydro-coat is a high-performance ceramic protectant that gives an extremely durable shield in a simple spray and wipe application. 
Protect your vessel & gear from salt and the elements whilst leaving an insane gloss that will bring a smile to your face every time. 

Whether you are on the water every day, seasonally or professionally, this high-performance coating will ensure your vessel and gear is in tip-top condition all year round.
This ceramic coating will keep all salt at surface level. Using its hydrophobic construction, watch as salt 

Utilizing Si02 Nano Ceramic Quartz Technology, you will be left with an ultra-high gloss wet-look as well as a superhydrophobic, Uv protected finish that will last up to 3 months.
(Top up your coating at any time for endless protection and shine)

Use on clear's for anti-fog & hydrophobic properties that need to be seen to be believed! 

Seaman Marine's Hydro-coat can also be used to top up any existing protection or coating. Bring back life to dull gel-coat & let those metal accents shine. 

Clean, Protect & Ceramic your vessel in one swift spray & wipe.

-Value + with one bottle lasting months at a time as well as long-lasting protection.
-Unbelievable water repellant! - Have you ever dried your vessel with water?)
-Insane Gloss 
-Great smell!
-Can be used in the paint & panel industry (no silicone in formula)

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