2 X Watersnake Nomad Adult or Child Life Jackets - Red Level 50 PFDs

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2 X Watersnake Nomad Life Jackets

Please note that this listing is for 2 life jackets of the same size.

Level 50 - AS4758.1 standard

Watersnake Nomad PFDs have taken basic life jacket design to the next level because Watersnake knows it’s important those on the water can wear their personal flotation device for long periods whether they are actively involved in watersports or just sitting back waiting for the fish to bite.

The Nomad PFD offers comfort and freedom to get active on the water for all kinds of activities from from fishing to wakeboarding, water skiing, ski-biscuits or kayaking. The multi-piece foam design front and back allows easy body movement, as do the large arm holes.

The adjustable straps and a good range of sizes offer you the perfect fit for ultimate safety and comfort – a lifejacket worn is a lifejacket that saves lives. The high-visibility design ensures you can be spotted by your boat and search and rescue in the worst case situations.

Watersnake PFDs are available in different size small, medium and x-large for both children and adults. Waternake Nomad PFDs are available two different colours. Choose Watersnake Nomad PFDs based on weight-support requirements.

All Watersnake PFDs have been rigorously tested to meet the Australian standards.

  • Economical option
  • Ensures you and your crew are kept safe on the water
  • Meets the legal safety requirements
  • Highly-visible, durable outer lining

Please Note: Groin Strap is Only Fitted on Children's Life Jackets


Size Suitable Weight Chest Size
Small Child CHILD WEIGHING 15-25KG 70-80cm
Medium Child CHILD WEIGHING 25-40KG 75-85cm
Small Adult ADULT WEIGHING 40-50KG 75-90cm
Medium Adult ADULT WEIGHING 50-60KG 90-105cm
Large Adult ADULT WEIGHING 60-70KG 105-120cm
Extra Large Adult EXTRA LARGE ADULT WEIGHING OVER 70KG 120-135cm

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