2 x SureCatch 6F Foam Fishing Floats - Cone Float

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SureCatch 6F Cone Fishing Float

The SureCatch F-Series fishing Float is a cone fishing float with a stem that is put through the centre that acts as a float stopper.

It can be added to your line by simply removing the stem and putting your line through the slit in the side of the Float then push the stem back into the centre of the float at the desired depth.

The Sure Catch Sure F Series fishing float uses high float polystyrene which helps to keep the float buoyant after long periods of use it also has a high vis orange top so you can keep a close eye for bight detection.

A Handy Float to have in your tackle box if you find that the area you are fishing is very snaggy or has a weedy bottom. This fishing float will allow you to present bait to the fish by keeping it just up of the bottom.


  • 1 Packet of 2 Floats
  • Each Float measures 75mm Long x 45mm Diam (approx)
  • Black Stem 110mm (approx)
  • High float polystyrene
  • High vis orange top
  • Simple and easy to attach


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