2 x Mustad Spool Bands-Fishing Reel Line Holder-Fishing Line Belt for Spin Reel

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Mustad Spool Band

Is there anything more annoying than grabbing a fishing reel and the leader and line has exploded off it creating a tangled mess just when you need to rig up quickly?

This problem is easily overcome with the release of the Mustad Spool Bands.

These spool bands, available in three sizes and packed in two units per bag, slip easily over your spin reel spool and trap the line in place, keeping it from jumping off the spool. The spool bands also have a tab that allows them to be removed very easily, rather than traditional bands that almost need to be rolled from the spool.

Simple, effective and designed to make your fishing life easier - that's what the Mustad Spool Bands are all about.

Please Note: Fishing reel not included.

Size Description Dimensions
Medium Mustad Spool Band Medium 7 x 3cm
Large Mustad Spool Band Large 7.5 x 4cm
Extra Large Mustad Spool Band X Large 9 x 4.3cm

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