2 Pack of Chasebait 65mm Flick Prawn Junior Softbody Lure

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colour: Jelly Prawn
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Chasebait 65mm Flick Prawn Junior Lure

Hand sculptured off a real prawn the FLICK PRAWN JNR is a realistic lure built around the “Jellybean theory”.

Specifically created to target smaller saltwater and freshwater species with finesse tackle.

Made from Ultra durable and flexible TPE material, with awesome realistic finishes and Ultra lifelike movement, the FLICK PRAWN JNR is too
juicy for fish to refuse.
Rigged with a weedless 2/0 hook and color matched lead weight, 2 per pack, with UV, natural and glow color patterns across the range, this small but effective
“Shrimp” imitation packs a punch, and is sure to get the job done!!!

  • Lifelike flicking tail
  • Vibrating leg action
  • Weedless hook setup
  • Colour coded lead weight
  • Material: TPE ultra tough material
  • Action: Sinking, likelike movement, weedless
  • Hook size: 2/0 with 3.5gm lead weight
  • 6g Total Weight (Lure, Hook, & Lead)

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