19cm Storm Arashi Glide Bait Slow Sinking Hard Body Fishing Lure

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colour: Blue Back Herring
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19cm Storm Arashi Glide Bait

After years of design, testing, adjustments and more testing, the Arashi Glide Bait delivers a fine-tuned, consistent, stable glide action at every speed.

Developed to sink slowly in a slight head down position, the Arashi Glide Bait responds to the slightest line movement.

Swimming in an exaggerated “S” action that piques interest of large predators, a quick snap of the rod tip turns the AGB 180 degrees, triggering strikes from followers.

Controlled sink rate provides the angler increased control of swimming depth keeping the Arashi Glide Bait in the strike zone longer.

Versatile action, triple-pin hinge construction merged with swiveling hooks for reduced leverage and just the right color patterns result in an unbeatable masterpiece of lure design.

  • ARASHI (a-ra-shee) GLIDE swims with extremely stable action to easily create different actions with multiple retrieve methods
  • SLOW SINKING creates a longer glide while giving angler increased control of swimming depth, keeping lure from rapidly dropping out of the strike zone. (sink rate: 0.4 ft. per second / ROF-4)
  • SWIVELING HOOKS increase catch ratio by eliminating a fish’s leverage against lure body during the fight
  • PREMIUM COLORS AND PATTERNS precisely match regional prey, with attractor options that are unmatched in drawing a strike by arousing the aggression response
  • SPARE TAIL included
Model Number Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
AGB19 Variable 19cm/7-1/2" 3-1/8 oz. Two Size 2/0

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