160mm Light Zerek Fish Trap Soft Vibe Crankbait Fishing Lure - 58gm Soft Plastic

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colour: Baby Barra
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160mm Light Fish Trap

The Zerek Fish Trap has been upsized to 160mm.

Built tough to handle extreme fishing situations, the 160 Fish Trap is built with all internal wires moulded into the weight to give extreme strength.

The TPE body is exceptioanlly durable giving the lure an ability to be fished to toothy fish yet retain it's integrity. Additionally, purpose designed hooks have been chosen to give the lure the best action and the best hook up and hook holding available.

This light 58g version is an ideal addition to any shallow water and impoundment angler's arsenal, falling with a more subtle plunge that imitates wounded fish extremely well. This will appeal to barra and cod anglers, but keen flathead and mulloway anglers will find this lighter model a great option also.

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