130mm Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Pro Minnow AP Trolling Fishing Lure

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130mm Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Pro Minnow Lure

The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Pro Minnow is a versatile baitfish imitation that's effective when casting and trolling.

Crank this bait down to about 3' and twitch it in the strike zone to wake up sluggish, suspended fish.

When trolling, this bait will run around 4' deep and swim with a tight wobble to trigger strikes.

A loud rattle and bright flash add to the irresistible attraction.

They come with size 1 Eagle Claw 4x treble hooks and a nickel finish that provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

  • All purpose floating hard bait for both fresh and saltwater applications
  • Multiple baitfish imitations, from slow to moderate "side-to-side" retrievals to "twitch-pause" floating to surface, when paused
  • Improved "full-wire" internal point connections for durability against aggresive species like Barramundi


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