12ft Wilson Pro Cast Top Pocket Cast Net-Standard Mono Cast Net with 1 Inch Mesh

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12ft Wilson Pro Cast Top Pocket Cast Net

Every so often a product arrives that makes use of the years of experience in our team and the Wilson Pro Cast series of nets does just that.

Leaning on the experience of our staff and pro anglers, the Pro Cast features put them at the top of the tree.

All Pro Cast nets feature chain bottoms that are tied into the netting rather than looped through the nets to ensure durability and perfect operation every cast.

At the other end of the nets, the rope tie in is fastened with a super strong swivel that has been over engineered to give years of service and minimise line twist that can lead to poor casting performance.

Other critical areas have been looked at too, including the addition of a wrist strap in all models and an extension rope for the dedicated prawn cast nets!

It is this attention to detail and giving casters what they wanted and needed that elevate the Wilson Pro Cast nets to the top level.

  • Professional stainless steel chain weighted cast net
  • Bonus extension rope included
  • 12ft drop
  • Top pocket, no bottom pocket
  • 1 inch mesh

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