125yd Spool of Green Tuf-Line 4Orce 4 Carrier Braided Fishing Line

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Green Tuf-Line 4Orce 4 Carrier Braided Fishing Line

TUF-LINE 4ORCE takes power fishing to a new level.

Using the TUF-X fiber, this premium 4-carrier braid is the best choice for ultimate strength.

4ORCE delivers a round, incredibly strong, abrasion resistant line with minimal stretch that drives hooks deep.

The proprietary coating process provides toughness, longevity and a more permanent green coloration of the line.

Whether you're fishing heavy cover or just looking for brute strength, 4ORCE is the ultimate fresh- and saltwater braid.

When a big bite is on the line, choose 4ORCE.

Description B/S Length Diam (mm)
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 6lb 125 yards 0.061
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 8lb 125 yards 0.076
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 10lb 125 yards 0.102
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 15lb 125 yards 0.153
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 20lb 125 yards 0.204
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 30lb 125 yards 0.280
Tuf-Line 4Orce Braid (Green) 40lb 125 yards 0.305

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