11cm Storm Thunder Barra Deep Hard Body Lure - Deep Diving Barramundi Lure

colour: Angry Roses
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Storm Thunder Barra Deep Lure

The Storm 11cm Thunder 25 gram Barra lure is very buoyant, built of strong components, has a loud internal rattle, a custom-designed deflective lure lip to overcome snags, a long-range cast weight, and is ultra-strong.
It’s made for the toothy fish of the north, but is just at home in the estuaries, chasing mulloway and tailor, salmon and bonito in the ocean washes.

Its sleek lines and shiny scale-patterned design that creates an authentic-looking baitfish flash, and diving capability of 3.5 metres, make this lure a very versatile one. Whether in the mangrove-laden rivers of the Top End, or in the rock walls in the south, this is the lure of choice.

You can troll it, cast it, twitch it and bounce it over snags all day long, and it will keep on going.
  • Dives to 3.5m
  • Weight: 25gms
  • Fast floating design

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