11cm Rapala Shadow Rap 3X Shallow Diving Suspending Jerkbait Fishing Lure

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colour: Crush
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11cm Rapala Shadow Rap 3X

Designed to perfectly mimic the last struggle of a dying minnow, the Shadow Rap® makes tight turns when twitched.
The internal reflector throws flashes during the retrieve and on the pause as it quivers waiting to be smashed by any nearby predators.
The Shadow Rap® 3X is highly versatile and can be used as a jerk bait, trolled or on a slow steady retrieve with a few pauses, extending the time the lure spends on the strike zone.
The Shadow Rap® 3X is fitted with 3X strong VMC® hooks and is ideal for chasing predators like in the shallows.
  • Responsive, Tight-Turning Jerkbait Action
  • Head-Down Flickering Fade-Away on the Stop
  • Mimics Dying Baitfish
  • Internal Metallic Plating and Natural Scale Pattern
  • Translucent Sides with Holographic Inserts and Bone Pattern
  • Tungsten and Steel Weights for Perfect Balance
  • 3X strong VMC treble Hooks

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