110mm Bone Entice Multi-Function Topwater Fishing Lure-20g Popper Lure

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colour: Chartreuse
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110mm Bone Entice Multi-Function Topwater Lure

The Entice is a unique and fantastic multi-function topwater bait designed by Bone Lim. 

With its flaps up, work it like a walk-the-dog side to side action, letting it produce a high pitch rattle from internal ball bearings that rock and roll with the lure's action. This creates a brilliant underwater knock that attracts predators from afar.

With its flaps down, a slow retrieve gets the lure in its signature "I" rolling just below the surface, with less left and right wobble for fish to accurately engulf the lure. This rolling action works brilliantly on more subdued fish that are cautious and careful.

Giving the Entice a few jerks with the flap down will allow the Entice to work like a popper. The 'Pop and Stop' action will excite fish like barra and jacks making for a brilliant top water bite.

The Entice is 110mm long and comes in 6 awesome colours in the Aussie range.

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