10gm Mustad Armlock Spinner Bait DW Fishing Lure with Double Willow Blades

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Mustad Armlock Spinner Bait DW

This design gives unparalleled strength to the wire frame, increasing the durability of the lure while at the same time, ensuring the hook point of the 32608 hook is in the perfect position to penetrate on the strike.

Other design features include a transparent Mezashi eye that acts as a strike trigger, willow blades constructed from brass and hand tied silicone skirts.

There are five weights in the range (7g, 10g, 14g, 21g and 28g) and 8 colours that include brilliant natural reproductions such as Ayu and Wakasagi, as well as brighter colours like Chartreuse/White and Lime/Chartreuse.

At present the Armlock Spinner Bait is only available in a double willow configuration, allowing anglers to fish these lures deeper without the drag of a large Colorado blade.

The blades are colour matched to the skirt colour to give the best overall presentation including black blades, silver blades and gold blades and combinations of each.

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