1 x Wilson Fishing Lure Wallet - Soft Plastics Wallet-Large or Small-Choose Size

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Wilson Fishing Lure Wallet


Striking in their design, these lure wallets are exceptionally functional allowing anglers to store plastics and spinnerbaits in a convenient and easy to manage way.

The Large Lure Wallet is ideal for larger spinnerbaits and 7-9" long plastics.

It features 8 zip lock sleeves that are held in place by three stainless steel rings.

The Small Lure Wallet is perfect for 5" and smaller plastics as well as spinnerbaits up to about an ounce in weight.

This wallet features 10 sleeves and a two stainless steel rings.

Both wallets are double zippered for convenience and feature a sturdy carry handle for easily transporting them from home to the boat.


Description Sleeves Dimensions
Wilson Lure Wallet Small 10 26cm x 24cm x 9cm
Wilson Lure Wallet Large 8 35cm x 25cm x 6cm



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