1 x Set of Jarvis Walker Moulded Rubber Rod Racks - Holds Up To 7 Rods

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Jarvis Walker Rubber Rod Racking


When not in use, rods should be stored and held in position firmly.
The easiest way to do so is with a rod rack.
This rod rack is moulded from rubber and will expand to fit most rods from trout to surf or game.
You can store your rods on vertical or horizontal planes.
These racks are easy to attack to a wall or beam, all it takes is a couple of screws or a suitable glue applied to the back of the racking.
This rubber rod racking is designed to accommodate up to seven rods.
When placing 2 piece rods into the rubber, the bottom section of your rod should fit comfortably into the larger section of the rubber and the top section will fit into the smaller clips.
  • Moulded durable rubber
  • Convenient rod storage
  • Ideal for the home or garage.
  • Each rack is 285mm long x 25mm wide (approx)

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