1 x 110m Spool of Mustad Wish Braid - 8 Strand Chartreuse Braided Fishing Line

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Breaking Strain: 23lb
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Its diameter for breaking strain is excellent giving users a number of benefits. Being a true 8-strand braid, Mustad Wish is built with 100% Honeywell Spectra Fibre. This makes Wish exceptionally durable under load and this is where other thin braids can come undone.


Increase casting length, accuracy and reduce line vibration with the 100% Honeywell Spectra™ Fibre Mustad Wish Braided lines!

The unique & exclusive 8 strand braiding process produces a rounder, smoother, thinner braided line that handles amazingly effortless and quiet.

At the same time, ultra abrasion resistant and super-sensitive.

A true all around high performance next generation line that might make your wish come true.

Available in 110m (18lb-36lb) and 250m (18lb-70lb) spools, Mustad Wish Braid makes your dreams come true.



Breaking Strain Diameter
18lb 0.08mm
23lb 0.10mm
28lb 0.12mm
36lb 0.15mm

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