1 Packet of Size 6/0 Mustad Darter Jigheads - Choose the Weight

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Darter jig heads are not just another jig head, they are designed to glide on the fall and dart on the retrieve to allow the angler to present their plastics in a very natural way.

Darter Jig Heads add action to curl-tail grubs and paddle-tails, and they make stickbait-style plastics come alive. Worked with a rip and drop action or a slow roll, the Mustad Darter Jig Head is as effective in the ocean and estuaries as it is in the freshwater lakes and rivers.

Please note image for illustration purposes, quantities per pack vary as displayed in table.

Size Weight Units
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 10.5g (3/8oz) 4
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 14g (1/2oz) 4
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 17.5g (5/8oz) 3
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 21g (3/4oz) 3
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 28g (1oz) 3
Mustad Darter Size 6/0 42g (1 1/2oz) 2

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