Mustad 36328 7X Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble Fishing Hooks Qty: 2 Hooks

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Mustad has launched a super strong saltwater treble hook range with the introduction of the Kaiju 7x treble hooks.

Kaiju literally means monster and being 7x strong, this is one brute of a hook engineered to handle punishment like no other.

This hook was developed specifically to go head to head with big game species like giant trevally, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna and other tackle smashers known to destroy ordinary trebles.

Kaiju trebles are hand made from three individually forged hooks, precision welded into a superior wide gape design that gives maximum power and incredible holding. Microbarbs provide for easier penetration while Mustad's Durasteel finish provides a corrosion resistant barrier.

The Kaiju also features a machined eye tapered for rigging on heavy duty split rings. Mustad's Nor-Tempering process makes UltraPoint hooks up to 30% stronger than conventional hooks for more confidence when battling the big ones.


Code Description Hooks
HP36328NPDS3/0 7x Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble 3/0 2
HP36328NPDS4/0 7x Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble 4/0 2
HP36328NPDS5/0 7x Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble 5/0 2
HP36328NPDS6/0 7x Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble 6/0 2
HP36328NPDS7/0 7x Strong Kaiju Saltwater Treble 7/0 2

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