1 Kg Stimulate Ground Burley Pre Mixed with Ultrabite - Fish Attractant

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1 Kg Stimulate Ground Burley


Attracts fish from a wide range area and stimulate a feeding frenzy.

Extremely effective and easy to use.

Premixed with Ultrabite, this ground burley has been specially prepared for use with Ultrabite and together they greatly enhance the ability to catch fish.

Introducing Stimulate ground burley into the water column will entice fish into your area and trigger vigorous feeding behavior in the fish.

It is important to keep introducing a little Stimulate pellet burley to keep fish in the area.

Otherwise, they will search elsewhere for food.

For best results add it to burley cages or burley floats.

You can also introduce it into the water by moulding the ground burley into a ball and throwing it into the water, or adding it to a burley dispenser.


What is Ultrabite? Ultrabite is a unique bait, burley and lure additive which contains patented synthetic pheromones that trigger vigorous feeding in fish. The Ultrabite formula also contains a fish attractant that entices fish from a wide area into the angler’s fishing zone.



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